Advisor Beginners Applied Course@[Kawagoe / Musashi Urawa] Health & Beauty Salon Ola

Time 120min.
Price ¥168,300
Recommended for such people Those who have completed the basic elementary course
Expected effects * If you pass the test, you can prescribe the original recipe yourself.
*You can know the ingredients of essential oils, and the range of use is expanded.
* You can learn how to use the base material and the mechanism from skin application to penetration.
*Self-care, pet self-care, mom & kids self-care courses can be held.
If you repeat the number of times of the above course, you can open the above lecturer course.
*Providing more accurate recipes and advice
*As a JMAA member, you can host cultural schools and volunteers.
*You can also work as an assistant of the association.

Beginner Applied Course

[Beginner course application]
All 10 frames, about 120 to 150 minutes per frame
*Consultation is possible regarding the number of courses per day.
*Splitting will be 16,830 yen per frame x 10 times.
*A separate material fee of 500 yen is required for each class.
*JMAA teachers may not already be available (consultation required).
*After taking the basic/advanced application, you can take the exam, and if you pass the exam, you will be granted an advisor qualification (excluding the test fee of 20000 yen + tax).
・Kawagoe lecturer's house
・Only women can attend the lectures at the teacher's home.
・Parking available, pick-up from Kawagoe Station
・Business trips allowed (in that case, you will have to pay the transportation costs)
・Musashi Urawa DOGSALON Famille can take classes every Tuesday, 2nd and 4th Wednesday (5000 yen will be added for travel and transportation)
Please apply by entering "Musashi Urawa Hope" in the remarks column.

☆ 1st fragrance (1)
・About transpiration
・Home Care Aromatherapy vs Perfume Oil
・Essential oil effective for stiff shoulders
・Consider an essential oil blend that is effective for swelling
≪The essential oil to study≫
Wintergreen, Camomile German, Camomile Roman, Cinnamon Cassia

☆ 2nd, essential oil suitable for mental condition
・Essential oil with relaxing effect
・Essential oil that is difficult to judge from the coordinate axes
・Refreshing essential oils, etc.
≪The essential oil to study≫
Clary Sage, Near Uri CT1, Nero, Petit Glen

☆ 3rd chemistry of essential oils Chemical changes in plants
・About organic chemistry
・About fatty acid, aromatic acid, terpene system
・Molecular weight and atomic weight
・Monoterpene hydrocarbons
≪The essential oil to study≫
Basil, patchouli, helichrysum, eucalyptus radiata

☆ 4th oxygen-containing compounds
・Psychopharmacology of fragrance
・Actions on autonomic nerves, etc.
≪The essential oil to study≫
Grapefruit, orange bitter, orange sweet, cloves

☆ The 5th endocrine system
・Immune system
・Stress and immunity
・Consider a flu blend
・Essential oils that act on endocrine and immune systems
≪The essential oil to study≫
Coriander, sandalwood, jasmine, ginger

☆6th fragrance (2)
・Essential oil often used for perfume
・What is allergy?
・Essential oil effective for skin troubles
・Special effects of monoterpene alcohol and essential oils
≪The essential oil to study≫
Cedar, sage, rosemary cineole, rosemary camphor

☆What is the 7th bath
・The circadian rhythm of human body temperature
・Foot bath, hand bath, sauna bath
・Awakening bath
・Blend that enhances blood circulation and improves coldness
・Partial bath/half-body bath
・Ester, oxide, special action and molecule
≪The essential oil to study≫
Thyme Tsuyanol, Tanacetam, Frankincense, Oregano

☆ About the 8th aroma treatment
・Treatment oil blend ratio
・Precautions for treatment
・Special effects and molecules of ketones
≪The essential oil to study≫
Bergamot, thyme thymol, red pine europe, thyme satyreuides

☆ 9th Choice of essential oils suitable for constitution and properties
・Effects on insomnia
・Constitution judgment method
・Effect on stress
・Classification based on electrical characteristics and polarity of aromatic molecules
≪The essential oil to study≫
Eucalyptus globulus, lavender supermarket, lavender spica, star anise

☆ 10th Precautions when handling essential oils
・How to read and judge the component analysis table, etc.
≪The essential oil to study≫
Lavender stoeks, litsea, wild carrot, eucalyptus dives

[This school only]

After the course or after the exam
* How to use special text
* How to use the JMAA cloud (with original text. For those who attend the advisor course, a free JMAA cloud lecture of 4000 yen is available as a homepage as a privilege!)

One day after the lesson or exam ends.
Using the special text will give you more power in recipe making.
Also, if you want to work hard on medical aroma, or if you are not good at creating your own website, this cloud is recommended, so you can take classes without additional charges such as usage!

[Invitation to LINE group for advisors after passing]
・You can view review videos that only advisors can see.
・Notice of JMA ACV Pet Medical Aroma Therapist
・Announcement of the Saitama annual schedule for Chairman Yoshida
・Re-learning special discount

The date we put in the calendar will be the start date of Lesson 1.
The time is 120 minutes per frame, but it depends on the progress.
The lesson schedule will be decided in consultation with the students, so the number of lessons offered per day will vary.
(1 frame per day, 2 frames per day, etc.)

Please consult us about the schedule up to the test, and we will decide together according to your work and home environment so please rest assured (* ^ ^ *)

If DOGSALON Famille wishes, it will be held on regular holidays and every Tuesday, 2nd and 4th Wednesdays

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us before applying (*^^*)

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