JMAA Health Manager (QOL planner course)@Lulu Lila Kyoto Kitayama

Time 300min.
Price ¥20,000
Recommended for such people For beginners and anyone alike
Expected effects ● Medical aromatherapy can be used at home.
ま す We will carefully guide you from basic knowledge to how to make.
● You can also teach people
● There are many recipes that can be used everyday in the text!
● "Medical Aroma QOL Planner" or
資格 You can acquire the qualification of “Medical Aroma Health Manager”.

I want to tell my friends! To those who

I want to use it for my family and also to teach my friends! I want to make it! It is a perfect course for those who like.
For beginners 6 hours, self-care courses and instructor courses are 4.5 hours.

This course is designed to educate and disseminate how to manage and care at home using medical aroma. The Association calls those who can spread this content "Medical Aroma QOL Planner" and "Medical Aroma Health Manager". It includes a lot of information on basic knowledge and how to use medical aroma, along with the recipe "If you make a marketed drug with a medical aroma", so that you can take care before getting sick and break away from dependence on over-the-counter medicines. After taking the course, not only use it yourself, but also tell many people how wonderful the medical aroma is.

As an NPO, if you understand how to use the course safely, the association will be responsible for the activities, not your own responsibility, and will support you.

★ After completing the course, a certificate of completion will be issued. Please choose the one you like from the following
① Medical aroma QOL planner
② Medical Aroma Health Manager

◆ Training fee ¥ 20,000 (excluding tax) including material cost

◆ 4 hours 30 minutes intensive course (General 6 hours)

◆ What to make
6 kinds of medical aroma making (3 kinds of cream, water, emulsion, gel)

[After completing the course]
● A lot of recipes that can be used for daily care at home are listed in the textbook.
● We will explain how to make it and how to use it carefully, so you can never use it after learning it.
● You can also open a mini course by yourself. In that case, we also have the support of the association

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