JMAA Basic Course@Lulu Lila Kyoto Kitayama

Price ¥168,300
Recommended for such people Only beginner course graduates
Expected effects Become an advisor by passing the exam.
Association advisors are those who can formulate and formulate their own prescriptions

Applied course

Training fee
153,000 yen (excluding tax)
Material cost 500 yen (excluding tax) is required separately for each course

[Number of classes]
10 times

[Course contents]
に つ い て About the first incense (1)
About transpiration
Home care aromatherapy vs balm
Steam inhalation
About stiff shoulders
Essential oils for stiff shoulders
Consider essential oil blends that are effective for swelling

Essential oils to study
Winter Green Tea Tree Camomile Roman
Eucalyptus lemon

What to make
Make a gel effective for stiff shoulders, muscle pain and arthritis
I will make it freely every time after the next time

精 2nd essential oil in mental state
Essential oils with relaxing action 作用 Essential oils that are difficult to judge from the coordinate axes
Essential oil with refreshing action 作用 Essential oil in the room

Essential oils to study
Neroli, Cinnamon Cash, Petit Glen, Clary Sage

〇Part 3 Essential oil chemistry Chemical changes in plants
About organic chemistry About fatty acids, aromatic acids, and terpene compounds
Molecular and atomic weight monoterpene hydrocarbons

Essential oils to study
Eucalyptus Radiata @ Helichrysum
Rosemary Cineol @ Basil

〇The fourth oxygenated compound
Alcohols and oxides
Aldehydes organic acids
Ketones: Aroma pharmacology
Phenols: effects on autonomic nerves

Essential oils to study
Rosemary Camper @ Orange Bitter
Nyauli CT1 Orange Suite

〇The fifth endocrine system
About the immune system
Think of a blend of stress and immunity flu
Essential oils acting on endocrine system. Special effects and molecules of monoterpene hydrocarbons.
Essential oils that act on the immune system

Essential oils to study
Camomile German Coriander Grapefruit Clove

に つ い て About the sixth incense (2)
Essential oils often used in perfume
About perfume Essential oil that is effective for skin troubles
Terms related to fragrance: the special effects of monoterpene alcohol and essential oils

Essential oils to study
Sandalwood Jasmine Cedar Citronella Java

と What is the 7th bathing?
Diurnal rhythm of human body temperature foot bath, hand bath, sauna bath
Awakening bath-a blend that enhances blood circulation and improves cooling
Partial bath, half body bath Ester, oxide, special action and molecule

Essential oils to study
Ginger, Sage, Time Tsunol, Tanacetam

に つ い て About the 8th aroma treatment
Blending ratio of treatment oil ブ レ ン ド blended oil after sports
Points to note when performing treatments: Massage oil for diet
Special effects and molecules of pre-sport blend oil-ketone

Essential oils to study
Tarragon Baturly キ ン Frankincense Pergamot

〇9th Selection of essential oils that match the constitution and properties
Effects on insomnia: constitutional judgment method
Effect on stress 分類 Classification of electric characteristics and polarity of aromatic molecules

Essential oils to study
Myrrh Eucalyptus Globulus Eucalyptus Tyves Benzoin

〇 10th precautions for handling essential oils
How to read and judge the component analysis table Coumarins
Aromatic aldehyde organic acids
Special action and molecules of terpene aldehyde diterpene alcohol
Sesquiterpene hydrocarbons-how to use the aroma molecule content table by component
Sesquiterpene alcohol

Essential oils to study
Lavender Super Lavender Spica
Lavender Stoekas Litosea Laurel

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