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The body changes just by being conscious

Most people are well aware that posture distortion is bad for the body.
However, most of the time, I know, it has not led to improvement.

Maybe what the foundation skeleton looks like? I can't imagine that.

I was casually photographed while I didn't know
When I saw it, I was surprised, "Well, is it so distorted?"
"I have to do something" seems to be a good start.

Well, one of the major causes of distortion.

Sitting sideways. Many people do it. Of course, me too.
What do you think of the skeleton in your body?

It looks like the image below. ↓↓↓


Both the ribs and the spine have a completely different right and left balance.
And it is a little difficult to understand in the image
The waist is twisted lightly.

This, of course, waist

Stiff shoulder
Back meat

This will cause this.


Recently, what I have to checkpoint

"Torsion of the waist when sitting sideways"

I feel more than before.

・ The trunk is not stable.
・ The ribs are hardened due to stress ⇒ Mental effect
・ Clogging of the hip joint ⇒⇒Swelling of the lower body ・ Causes of cold

These factors are hidden.

One is a smartphone. . .
After smartphone became standard
I have the impression that the bad posture has accelerated (I haven't taken any statistics ...).

The posture when using a smartphone is training most human cats! ? I think


It is essential to be aware of this on a regular basis.

It's very difficult to be conscious of yourself
At the time of bodywork lesson

So that you can notice
To be conscious

I want to support you firmly.


Posture also affects the health and mental health of your internal organs
It is really important. .


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