mina mina medical aroma & handmade soapMedical Aroma Festa ★ Hokkaido


Held in Abashiri, Sapporo and Obihiro!

March 7, 8, 9
JMAA Chairman Yoshida crosses Hokkaido! ! !
  [Abashiri → Sapporo → Obihiro]

We have been informing since the other day
"Medical Aroma Festa"

Following Abashiri and Sapporo, it will also be held in Obihiro ☆


方 If you want to protect yourself and your family's health!
Come listen to what medical aromas are and how they can be used in your life.

◉Atopy, hay fever, asthma, etc.
Those suffering from allergies!
Please come and listen to care methods to live a comfortable life.

Please participate at a convenient place ♪


★ Click here for details of each Festa ↓

[Abashiri: March 7 (Tue)]

[Sapporo: Wednesday, March 8]
▶ ︎Medical aroma and handmade soap mina mina
・ Part 1 / http: //jmaa-cloud.com/shop/minamina/seminar-event/574
・ Part 2: http: //jmaa-cloud.com/shop/minamina/seminar-event/649

[Obihiro: Thursday, March 9]
▶ ︎ You and Pet Shop (Takame) Estama GK


* The Association works to educate and spread medical aroma.
There is no enrollment fee or annual fee, no school recruitment or sales.
The first one, please participate in peace.

* Photo is of Dr. Yoshida, JMAA Chairman ♪
Very good smile ♡
A wonderful teacher who always gently watches and guides us in the right direction.
In individual counseling, we will take you seriously and give you advice from many years of experience and multifaceted viewpoints.
Please consult about anything!

I hope you can spend every day with a smile ♪

* Mina mina *


mina mina medical aroma & handmade soap

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