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Items useful for vaccination

        Aroma for dogs!
  ~ Items useful for vaccination ~

Speaking of April, it is time for "rabies vaccination".

Do you care for any vaccinations?


Dogs know that dogs are required to be vaccinated annually under the Rabies Prevention Act.

Two dogs in our home are vaccinated every year.

However, since a foreign body (rabies vaccine) is injected into the body, the burden on the dog's body is considerable.


In such a case, support with medical aroma!

Useful for vaccination! !
◉Three medical aromas◉

<Before vaccination>
■ Immunition promotion gel
Hybrid oil 2ml
4 drops of tea tree
4 drops of Nyauli CT1
Lovinzala 4 drops
4 drops of Palmarosa
Natural Moist Gel 20ml
→ Improve immunity and receive vaccination in perfect condition

<Vaccination day>
■ Stress care gel
Hybrid oil 2ml
Petitgrain 2 drops
2 drops of mandarin
Geranium Egypt 2 drops
2 drops of basil
Natural Moist Gel 20ml
→ Reduces uneasy feelings, such as a child trembling at a hospital

<After vaccination>
■ Kidney and liver tonic gel
Hybrid oil 2ml
Wild Carrot 3 drops
Cedar 3 drops
Red pine Europe 3 drops
3 drops of rosewood
Natural Moist Gel 20ml
→ Helps eliminate drugs and toxins by vaccination

My dog is healthy and full of energy, but I am in a senior age.
We use these care items to reduce the burden.
(Not necessary for healthy children)

We also incorporate herbs and medicinal meals in our diets and are careful about life without stress.


Besides this ...

■ Care items that can be used in everyday life

Meat ball cream
Brushing spray
Tear care water
Otitis externa water gel
Periodontal disease care oil
Antibacterial spray
Insect repellent spray etc.

■ Care items for illness

Constipation / diarrhea / vomiting
kidney failure
heart failure
Dementia, etc.

Various care can be done using medical aroma for One Chan ♪


I hope you can do something for your dog!

Dogs too! Owners too!

May everyone be healthy and smile every day!

* Mina mina *


mina mina medical aroma & handmade soap

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