mina mina medical aroma & handmade soapThere are two types of aromatherapy ☆


Both are wonderful plants

   There are two types of aromatherapy!
      ~ Both plants are wonderful ~

で し ょ う Do you know that there are two types of aromatherapy?

[English style]
→ Uses the scent of essential oils for healing and relaxation.

[French style]
→ These are intended for treatment using the pharmacological action of the components contained in essential oils.

Medical aroma is, as the name suggests, a treatment, so the latter is a French aroma.


◉Which aroma is better, English or French? May be asked.

As mentioned above, the purpose (how to use) is completely different for the same aroma between the British style and French style.

Don't be confused and think of them as separate things.


For example ...

[I'm a little tired today]
In such a case, a massage or a British aroma that is healed by the aroma such as an aromatic bath is also good.


[Maybe too tired to interfere with tomorrow's schedule]
In such a case, I can't say eternal things. It is far better to use French medical aroma for the purpose of treatment.


If you are unsure about your choice ...

● To face your body and mind.
● Which one do you need now, according to the purpose of use? Ask a question.
● To know the tools that can make your life easier and more comfortable for both body and mind.

I think that is important.


Choice is individual! !
The British style has the goodness of the British style,
The French style has the goodness of the French style.
Both are wonderful.

Whichever you use, we recommend that you use it with the right knowledge.
Essential oils are the condensed plants.
Please be aware that information and knowledge without scientific evidence can lead to trouble!


Ultimately, you can practice both English and French style.
I hope you can use it properly ♪


Which aroma do you need now?

I hope you can spend a rich smile every day ☆

* Mina mina *


mina mina medical aroma & handmade soap

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