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Aroma useful for mental system

             Listen to your voice!
       ~ Aroma useful for mental system ~

Hokkaido is finally in the cherry blossom season, and the weather in GW has become moderately sunny.

The fun GW was over in no time.

◎ Returning to daily life, melancholy ...
◎ The tension is high because of the lingering fun ...
◎ Life rhythm is disrupted and I can't sleep at night ...

I wonder if some people come.

As the term "May disease" says, especially when the environment changes from the new fiscal year or after the holidays of GW, it is time to pay attention to changes in the mind.


This time, I will introduce [Medical aroma useful for mental system].

Not motivated, feeling sick, unable to sleep ...

In such cases, using a medical aroma can restore your mind to a healthy state.

Because a medical aroma derives the essential oils needed from their action, ingredients and content, and assembles a recipe.

As a result, it can be used like a medicine.

And because there are no side effects like drugs, medical aroma is an advantage that anyone can use with peace of mind.


The body tends to prevent various things and cope when it's a little bit, while the mind tends to be neglected because it will improve over time.
I think that it is surprisingly many.

However, overconfidence in the sense of being transient may trigger your illness or, if you become aware, you may be in a serious condition.

Prevention and early care are important.

If you feel any change in your mind, use a medical aroma to rejuvenate your mind.

役 立 つ Useful for mental system! !
 Three medical aromas

① 【When you want to feel better! ]
◾️Refresh gel (Antidepressant / Tonic)
Hybrid oil 2ml
Red pine Europe 3 drops
2 drops of rosemary camphor
2 drops of rosemary cineole
3 drops of rosewood
1 drop of peppermint
Natural Moist Gel 20ml

② 【When you want to calm down! ]
◾️Relax gel (stabilizer)
Hybrid oil 2ml
Lavender Angstifolia 3 drops
3 drops of Clary Sage
3 drops of marjoram
2 drops of Palmarosa
2 drops of basil
Geranium Egypt 2 drops
Natural Moist Gel 20ml

③ 【When you can't sleep at night! ]
◾️Sleep gel (sleeping agent)
Hybrid oil 2ml
3 drops of Lovinzala
3 drops of mandarin
Geranium Egypt 2 drops
Lavender Angstifolia 2 drops
2 drops of Clary Sage
Natural Moist Gel 20ml

★ Caution
Use essential oils and base materials recommended by JMAA.
Any other use is at your own risk.


I want to pay a little attention to my heart and spend every day in good health.

・ Listen not only to the body but also to the voice of the heart
・ Provide early care with medical aroma
・ Find a solution that suits you

Please take this opportunity to give your mind the same prevention and early care as your body.

I hope you all have a smile and a body smile every day ☆

* Mina mina *


mina mina medical aroma & handmade soap

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