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Simicare Face Pack

                 Do not make stains!
       -Easy care with face pack-

The great enemy of your skin ... UV rays! !

Skin damage after exposure to UV light.
I imagine it is cute.

What kind of care are you taking?

Two big stains on my face ...
After all it is better not to have stains.
I'm working hard on my daily care so that it doesn't increase any more!

This time, you can easily at home ♪
[Simicare Face Pack]


Melanocytes are activated by ultraviolet light, and pigmentation occurs without catching up with the turnover cycle.
That is "stain".

In medical aroma,
You can "do not make stains." (Unfortunately, UV care cannot be made ...)

As always mentioned, Medical Aroma creates care items with an emphasis on the action, ingredients and content of essential oils.

In this case, essential oils with anti-inflammatory and cell-activating properties are used to relieve inflammation in tanned skin and promote normal turnover to prevent spots.

That's where it comes in
"Stain care water"

It is recommended that you use it as a face pack, as well as a regular lotion, as well as a device.


In small stacks every day,
Keep beautiful skin without making stains!

[Simicare Face Pack]

■ What to prepare
・ Stain care water (JMAA recipe)
・ Sheet for face pack (OK at 100)
・ Closed container

■ How to make
① Put the face pack sheet in a closed container
② Pour stain care water
③ Keep in refrigerator

■ How to use
① Wash your face and clean your skin
② Put the face pack sheet on your face
③ Leave for about 10 minutes
す る Perform daily care (moisturizing)

★ The point is to take care as soon as possible after returning home! (Pigmentation progresses as time goes on)


In addition to aroma, take measures both inside and outside the body!

■ UV care
→ Apply sunscreen, protect the sun with a parasol or hat, or wear long-sleeved pants.

■ Meals
→ Actively take vitamin C (suppressing melanin production) and vitamin A / E (antioxidant action, promoting turnover) from daily diet.

■ stress
→ The stress activates the melanocytes that cause stains and disrupts the turnover cycle. Always try to live without stress.

I would be glad if I could keep the beautiful skin without stains, taking into account UV protection and stress relief.


My daily routine is to drink herbal tea full of vitamin C while wearing face packs.

A little rich time is also relaxing, and it is one of the pleasures of everyday life.

Very easy and economical ♪
[Simicare Face Pack]
Please try it if you like!

I hope everyone can spend the summer with a smile ☆

* Mina mina *


mina mina medical aroma & handmade soap

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