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NPO Japan Medical Aromatherapy Association (JMAA)
You can learn directly from Chairman Yoshikazu Yoshida! ! !
2018 event schedule.

▼ Events scheduled to be held in Hokkaido (Sapporo, Obihiro, Abashiri, Asahikawa)

・ Medical Aroma Festa
・ Medical aroma QOL planner special course
・ Medical aroma study sessions

If you are interested in medical aroma, please check it out!

<Dates and locations are as follows>

November 20 (Tue) [Sapporo] Festa
November 21 (Wed) [Obihiro] Study Session & Festa

◎ End: Thank you for participating!
February 19 (Mon) [Sapporo] Festa
February 20 (Tue) [Sapporo] QOL special lecture
February 21 (Wed) [Obihiro] Festa
April 2 (Mon) [Abashiri] QOL special course
April 3 (Tue) [Abashiri] Festa
April 4 (Wed) [Sapporo] Cloud course for qualified people
May 29 (Tue) [Asahikawa] Festa
May 30 (Wed) [Sapporo] QOL special course
July 25 (Wed) [Sapporo] Festa
Thursday, July 26 [Obihiro] Festa
October 12 (Fri) [Kitami] Festa
October 13 (Sat) [Sapporo] Self-stress care lecturer course


Details will be announced on the JMAA Cloud, Facebook and other websites as soon as they are decided.

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(You can check from the calendar on the top page)

Please join us on a convenient date and place!

I hope you can spend every day with a smile with medical aroma ♪

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