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JMAA Chairman Shoichi Yoshida's direct biography! ! !

                JMAA Chairman Yoshida direct biography!
"Medical Aroma QOL Planner Course"
                 Sapporo held ~ vol.2 ~

NPO Japan Medical Aromatherapy Association (JMAA)
Chairman Yoshikazu Yoshida direct biography! ! !

[Medical Aroma QOL Planner (Health Manager) Special Lecture in Sapporo]


This course covers the self-care course series (Self Care / Mama & Child / Pet / Stress Care / Nursing), and is the No. 1 qualification course among the most popular JMAA courses for learning a wide range of medical aromas and how to use them.

・ No test
・ Create 6 care items and take them home
・ Can be used for yourself and your family
・ Medical aroma awareness activities (with regulations)
Are also popular reasons.

This time, you can take an intensive course of 4 hours and 30 minutes, and even a special price!
* Normal: 21,600 yen → This time: 9,800 yen (including text, certification, and material costs)
* For re-takers, 5,000 yen, including material cost, please bring a textbook)

A great chance to learn directly from JMAA Chairman Yoshida, the leading expert in medical aroma in Japan! ! !

Please participate at this opportunity.


[Medical aroma QOL planner (health manager) special lecture in Sapporo]

● The date and time: Tuesday, February 20, 2018 from 10:00 to 15:30
● Place: 2.7 760 meeting rooms
               Address: 7-chome, Kita 2-Jo Nishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo
● Lecturer: Chairman of NPO Japan Medical Aromatherapy Association
               Dr. Shoichi Yoshida
● Course fee: Special price 9,800 yen (including text, certification, and material costs)
                   Re-enrollment 5,000 yen (include materials and textbooks)


<Contact / Application>

◎ Medical Aroma & Handmade Soap mina mina
▶ ︎ https://jmaa-cloud.com/shop/minamina/seminar-event/2313 (registration required)

* If you retake the course, please contact mina mina email.

Seats are limited.
If you are interested, please apply as soon as possible!

Smile every day with medical aroma ☆

* Mina mina *

[What is a medical aroma QOL planner (health manager) course? ] (From Association HP)

This course is designed to educate and disseminate how to manage and care at home using medical aroma.

The Association hopes to spread this content
"Medical Aroma QOL Planner"
"Medical Aroma Health Manager"
I'm calling

For example, it contains a lot of information such as care before getting sick, getting rid of dependence on over-the-counter medicines "if you make over-the-counter medicines with medical aroma", basic knowledge of medical aroma and how to use it.

After taking the course, tell yourself and many people about the wonderfulness of medical aroma.

As an NPO, if you understand how to use the course safely, the association will be responsible for the activities, not your own responsibility, and will support you.

★ After taking the course, a final letter will be issued.
Please choose the one you like from the following.
① Medical aroma QOL planner
② Medical Aroma Health Manager

【Lecture Content】

● Lesson1
What is a medical aroma QOL planner?
About Japan Medical Aromatherapy Association
Explanation of medical aroma using constitution judgment
How to make a prescription
    Western medical prescription
    Oriental medical prescription
    Psychological prescription
Lavender description
    Lavender Angstifolia
    Lavender Stowes
    Lavender spica
What is Medical Aromatherapy?
Which essential oil can be used for mosquito repellent?
① How to make a spray
Things not to use and how to use them
Antibacterial activity Phenol coefficient
② How to make soft cream
③ How to make harder cream
方 How to make gel cream
方 How to make water
Difference between general aroma and medical aroma
How to use medical aroma 1
How to use medical aroma 2
Some say cats are dangerous for medical aromas ...
Dangerous because the scent absorbs essential oil components from the nose?
Difference between human and animal
⑥ How to make bath oil
方 How to make emulsion
About the immune system
Basic knowledge of medical aroma
What is essential oil
Essential oil features
Essential oil extraction method
Extracted amount of essential oil
Essential components of essential oils
Precautions when using essential oils
Essential oils to be aware of

● Lesson2
Difference between modern medicine and aromatherapy (current situation in Japan)
Diseases that are particularly weak in modern medicine
方 How to make gel
Stress care
Body disease level
Mental illness level
What is basic psychology?
What is applied psychology?
Antidepressant gel
Stabilizer gel
Sleeping gel
If you make over-the-counter medicine with medical aroma
Medical aromatherapy recipe
Includes 35 frequently used recipes!

● Practice
Lavender cream (soft)
Lavender cream
Lavender gel cream
Lavender water
Lavender latex
Lavender gel
A total of 6 can be taken home.

● Other
Question-and-answer session
Cloud registration explanation


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