mina mina medical aroma & handmade soapJapanese-style medical aroma spreads ☆


I participated in the Taipei pet show!

              Taipei Pet Show 2018
      Japanese-style medical aroma spreads ☆

I went to Taiwan from July 5 to July 8 to participate in the Taipei Pet Show!

From JMAA Chairman Yoshida to Taiwan
Four 40-minute mini-seminars on the theme of “immunity up”.

Many owners were interested in medical aroma and listened.

Some people take pictures of the slides or ask questions, and their seriousness makes love for pets universal.


“Jankenpan Time” that gets excited every time

Handmade aroma team accompanied by assistant

・ Lavender water
・ Lavender gel
・ Lavender cream

Gifts for those who have won the chairman and those who answered questions ♪

The venue was a great success throughout!


From Japan to Taiwan ...
And to the world ...

May people and pets smile more than now, across borders ☆

* The last photo shows a break.
Chairman Yoshida was talking to Bruce's dog while translating it, so I took a hidden shot! Lol

* Mina mina *