Mama & Child Self Care Instructor Training Course@[Saitama / Tokorozawa] Medical aroma class Petipa

Price ¥22,000
Recommended for such people Those who want to relieve the unpleasant symptoms from pregnancy to postpartum/menopause by themselves
Those who want to manage their own health of babies, children and families
Those who want to know home care that does not rely only on medicine
Expected effects ・In order to live comfortably during pregnancy, during the initial period, labor, childbirth, and postpartum until menopause. You will be able to make a variety of recipes yourself that can be widely applied to the symptoms of newborn babies, children and families as well as the period that is very important for women.
You will also be able to acquire knowledge and skills as a teacher.
After obtaining the qualification, it is possible to hold therapist training courses, workshops, and experience sessions.

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