Medical Aroma Health Manager/QOL Planner@[Saitama / Tokorozawa] Medical aroma class Petipa

Price ¥22,000
Recommended for such people Those who want to live without relying solely on medicine
Those who find it difficult to go to the hospital
Those who want to manage their own family's health
Expected effects ・Enlightenment and dissemination activities for medical aromas.
・A diploma is issued and can be written on a resume.
・You will be able to make many kinds of recipes for yourself and your family.
・Workshops and hands-on meetings can be held.
・Become a member of the association and have your own HP for free.
・Become a member of the association (no annual fee, no registration fee), and you can get base materials and essential oils at a reasonable price.
・No exam! You can get the qualification in one day.

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