QOL planner (health manager) course@Must be * ALWAYS

Time 360min.
Price ¥23,000
Recommended for such people ☆ Person who wants to acquire a small qualification
☆ Those who want to switch from over-the-counter medicine to medical aroma
☆ Person who wants to manage health of oneself, family and pet
☆ Person who wants to deepen further after studying the basics of medical aroma
(It is okay for those who are studying medical aroma for the first time)
☆ Person who wants to open workshop and mini-course by oneself
(Cannot be an instructor who teaches a course)
☆ Those who want to know the difference between medical aroma and general aroma
☆ Those who want to use not only aroma as scent but also more practical treatment
Expected effects ・ You can purchase essential oils and base materials at discounted prices.
・ You can learn substitute recipes for over-the-counter drugs supervised by the association.
・ It is recommended for those who want to teach people what they were impressed with!
・ The gel, cream, and lotion as shown in the photo will follow the recipe.
You will be able to make it.
・ You can participate in PonoALOHA information sharing and get the latest information.
I can interact with other students.
・ You can now create your own website on the association's cloud system, and enter information necessary for attracting customers such as your own activities, course information, e-mail magazine distribution, etc.

QOL planner (health manager) course

☆ LESSON 1 ☆

What is Medical Aroma QOL Planner?
About Japan Medical Aromatherapy Association
Explanation of medical aroma using constitutional judgment
What is Medical Aromatherapy
Question: What essential oil can be used for mosquito repellent?

① How to make a spray
② How to make soft cream
③ How to make a firm cream
④ How to make gel cream
⑤ How to make water

Difference between general aroma and medical aroma
The difference between people and animals

⑥ How to make bath oil
⑦ How to make emulsion

About the immune system
Basic knowledge of medical aroma

☆ LESSON 2 ☆

Difference between modern medicine and aromatherapy (current situation in Japan)
Diseases that modern medicine is not particularly good at

⑧ How to make gel

If you make an over-the-counter drug with a medical aroma
Medical aromatherapy recipe
35 popular recipes

☆ LESSON 3 ☆

Cloud registration

[Tuition fee] JPY 23,000 (text, material cost 6 points, certificate included)
* Payment can be made by cash payment on the day, bank transfer and
You can also choose PayPay and various credit cards.

【The deadline】
We would appreciate it if you could contact us at least 10 days before the date you want to attend each course.

[About request for business trip]
Please note that the transportation fee will be charged separately.
If 5 people or more are gathered, we will give a discount or free transportation.
Please contact us.

Free business trips to Ibara city, Kasaoka city, Yakage town, and Kannabe town in Fukuyama city.
Other areas
Calculated at 15 yen / km from home
If you use a highway, a round trip high-speed fare
Round trip from Ibara station starting point to the nearest station
We will calculate with the cheaper one.

A separate course will be held
Weekdays & Holidays 10: 00-16: 00
Saturday and Sunday are available all day. Please contact us.

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