Self-medical soap builder instructor training course@Must be * ALWAYS

Time 330min.
Price ¥22,000
Recommended for such people Soap making beginner
Those who want to teach people after studying
Those who want to make soap from the beginning
Natural-minded people who don't need extra things
(No scent or chemical coloring)
Expected effects You can learn the procedure of handmade soap.
You can know the danger of caustic soda.
It can be used by newborns and the elderly.

Self-medical soap builder instructor training course

This course is a course to learn how to make soap for making and using by yourself.
After learning the basic knowledge for making soap that is gentle and moisturizing to the skin and passing the exam, you will be able to hold the "Self-Medical Soap Builder Course".

This is a course for making handmade soap that we would like people who are suffering from dry skin to use without using artificial scents or pigments.

Course content and details

☆ Lesson ① ☆

About the Japan Medical Aromatherapy Association
What is handmade soap?
How to choose oil
Vegetable oils and fats suitable for soap
Discount (D)
Storage (molding and cutting)
What is a patch test?
Storage of soap
Handling of caustic soda
Soap making
Soap law
Patch test
Soap recipe
How to use and make soap and medical aroma
Skin structure

☆ Lesson ② ☆

[What to make]
3 pieces of 90g soap
(Normal, marble, favorite finish)

Cloud registration etc.

[Tuition fee] ¥ 22,000
* Payment can be made by cash on the day, bank transfer, or
You can also choose PayPay and various credit cards.

【The deadline】
We would appreciate it if you could contact us at least 10 days before the date you would like to take each course.

[For business trip requests]
Please note that transportation costs will be charged separately.
If 5 or more people gather, we will give you a discount or free transportation fee.
Please contact us.

Free business trips in Ibara City, Kasaoka City, Yakage Town, Fukuyama City Kannabe Town
Other areas
Calculated at 15 yen / km from home
Round-trip highway fee when using the highway
Round trip from Ibara Railway Ibara Station to the nearest station
We will calculate with the cheaper one.

The lesson is
Weekdays & public holidays 10: 00-20: 00
Saturdays and Sundays are possible all day. Please contact us.

Implementation location



手作り石鹸は皮膚に負担なく皮膚表面のいらない汚れだけを落とす生分解性のある石鹸なので、ベビーからお年寄りまで、敏感肌の方でも安心してお使いいただけます。 水が使えない時に拭き取るだけでも大丈夫なので、災害時にも使えます。

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