Self-care instructor training course for long-term care and caregivers@Must be * ALWAYS

Time 350min.
Price ¥22,000
Recommended for such people Those who are long-term care workers
Those who are caring for home
Those who want to revolutionize the long-term care industry
Those who want to know how to hold the heart during long-term care
I don't know what it is
Those who are likely to have to take care in the near future
Those who want to know medical aroma and psychology

Expected effects This course teaches medical aroma that can be used as long-term care and how to care for the caregiver's body and mind.
By passing the exam, you can hold an "experience course / self-care qualification course" for enlightening and disseminating medical aroma.
You can also hold a workshop or make one for your friends.
Long-term care workers can also use it in the workplace.

Anyone can take this course.

Self-care instructor training course for long-term care and caregivers

This course is a course to learn the basic knowledge and recipes of medical aroma that can be used by caregivers and caregivers.
It also includes the psychological content required for stress care.

After passing the exam, you can hold a "self-care course for long-term care and caregivers" and open a workshop using recipes.
Please use it for yourself and your family.

Course content and details

・ About Japan Medical Aromatherapy Association

・ Ablution is a full-body bath, a half-body bath, and a foot bath.
・ How to make bath oil

・ What is medical aroma psychology?
・ What is psychology?
・ Contents of the proposal
・ Body illness level
・ Mental illness level

・ Basic knowledge of medical aroma
・ How to choose essential oils
・ What is essential oil?
・ Caution for aromatherapy

·real me
・ Values
・ Impact of the internet society on the mind

・ Basic knowledge of medical aroma 2
・ Essential oils that you must be careful about
・ Notes on using essential oils
・ Essential oil contains aromatic molecules with many kinds of actions
・ Difference between modern medicine and aromatherapy

・ Adjustment disorder
・ Conventional depression and atypical depression "new type of depression"
・ Neurosis "anxiety disorder"
·Social phobia
・ Panic disorder PTSD
・ Personality disorder
・ Mood disorder, depression, bipolar disorder
・ Mental symptoms
・ Body symptoms
・ Various types of depression
・ Asked at the hospital
・ Mental illness similar to depression
・ Bipolar disorder Manic depression
・ Depression self-check

・ Medical aroma Q & A
・ Medical aromatherapy recipe
Other creams and gels needed for long-term care
21 types of recipes for a wide range of medicines, beauty, and stress care


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[What to make in the course]
3 types of lavender cream (soft, firm, gel cream)
Lavender water
Stiff shoulder / pain relief gel
Infectious disease care gel

[Tuition fee] ¥ 22,000
* Payment can be made by cash on the day, bank transfer, or
You can also choose PayPay and various credit cards.

【The deadline】
We would appreciate it if you could contact us at least 10 days before the date you would like to take each course.

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The lesson is
Weekdays & public holidays 10: 00-20: 00
Saturdays and Sundays are possible all day. Please contact us.

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