[JMAA] Beginner application course@Saitama / Shiki Reactivate

Time 1200min.
Price ¥168,300
Recommended for such people Those who have completed the beginner's basic course
Those who are aiming to be advisors
Expected effects You will be able to prescribe the original recipe yourself.
Self-care, pet self-care, mom & kids self-care courses will be available.
If you repeat the above lectures, you can also start the above lecturer lectures.
You can have knowledge as a compounder.
As a JMAA member, you can host a culture school or volunteer.
You can also act as an assistant to the association.

[JMAA] Learn to use essential oil knowledge and the concept of treatment!

* Please apply from the "Products" page.

You can take an applied course after taking the basic basics
After taking the course, if you pass the exam, you will be qualified as an advisor.
* You can take the advisor exam if you take the basics and applications of the beginner's course.
If you pass, you will be qualified as an advisor (examination fee: 22,000 yen)

A separate material cost of 550 yen is required for each item during the course.

10 times in total, 120 to 150 minutes each time

☆ Venue: Kuji City, Iwate Prefecture Please see the beginner's basic course page
☆ We also accept on-site lectures. (Transportation costs are actual costs)

[Beginner course application]
★ About the 1st incense adjustment (1)
・ About the degree of transpiration
・ Home care aromatherapy vs. sesame oil
・ About stiff shoulders
・ Essential oil that is effective for stiff shoulders
・ Consider an essential oil blend that is effective for swelling, etc.
≪Essential oil to study≫
Wintergreen Camomile German Camomile Roman
Cinnamon Cassia

★ 2nd Essential oil that suits your mental state
・ Essential oil with a relaxing effect
・ Essential oil that is difficult to judge from the coordinate axes
・ Essential oil with refreshing effect, etc.
≪Essential oil to study≫
Clary Sage Near Uri CT1 Nerori Petit Glen

★ 3rd Chemistry of essential oils Chemical changes in plants
・ About organic chemistry
・ About fatty acids, aromatic acids, and terpenes
・ Molecular weight and atomic weight
・ Monoterpene hydrocarbons
≪Essential oil to study≫
Basil Patchouli Helichrysum Eucalyptus Radiata

★ 4th Oxygen-containing compounds
・ Psychopharmacology of fragrance
・ Action on autonomic nerves, etc.
≪Essential oil to study≫
Grapefruit orange bitter
Orange suite cloves

★ 5th About the endocrine system
About the immune system
Thinking about a blend of stress and immunity
Essential oils that act on the endocrine system, essential oils that act on the immune system, etc.
≪Essential oil to study≫
Coriander sandalwood jasmine ginger

★ About the 6th perfumer (2)
What is an essential oil allergy often used in perfumes?
About perfume Essential oil that is effective for skin problems
Special action of monoterpene alcohol and essential oil
≪Essential oil to study≫
Cedar sage rosemary cineole rosemary camphor

★ What is the 7th Ablution?
Daily rhythm of human body temperature Foot bath, hand bath, sauna bath
Awakening bath A blend that enhances blood circulation and improves sensitivity to cold
Partial bath, half-body bath, ester, oxide, special action and molecule
≪Essential oil to study≫
Thymes Yanol Tanacetum Frankincense Oregano

★ About the 8th Aroma Treatment
Treatment oil blend ratio
Precautions for performing treatments
Special actions and molecules of ketones, etc.
≪Essential oil to study≫
Pergamot Time Timor Akamatsu Europe Time Satureoides

★ 9th Selection of essential oils that suits your constitution and properties
Effect on insomnia Constitution judgment method
Effect on stress Classification by electrical characteristics and polarity of aromatic molecules
≪Essential oil to study≫
Eucalyptus Globules Lavender Super Lavender Super Star Anise

★ 10th Precautions when handling essential oils
How to read and judge the component analysis table, etc.
≪Essential oil to study≫
Lavender Stoekas Lithosea Wild Carrot Eucalyptus Dives

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