[JMAA] Medical Aroma Iroha Lecture (First Medical Aroma)@Saitama / Shiki Reactivate

Time 90min.
Price ¥2,200
Recommended for such people This is a course for you to experience medical aroma for the first time.
Expected effects You can learn the first step about medical aroma.
What makes medical aroma different from British aroma? You can experience.

[JMAA] Those who want to know medical aroma!

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"What is medical aroma?"
"I heard it for the first time."
"I've heard of it, but I'm not sure."
"Aroma is soothing with the scent, isn't it?"

I will give it to you.
Medical aroma first step course! !! !!

* Difference between British and French aromas

* There are several types of lavender.

* About skin

* Image with scent

* Experience making lavender cream

Have them smell a scent that may not be healed.
Please look forward to what kind of image and what kind of words will come out.

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It is held irregularly.
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