[Reactivate] Cosmetic gypsy suffering from allergies is no longer lost in skin care methods@Saitama / Shiki Reactivate

Time 90min.
Price ¥3,300
Recommended for such people Those who cannot find skin care cosmetics that suit their skin
Those who always have rough skin at the turn of the season
Cosmetic gypsy
Expected effects Learn how to care for allergic skin
Get out of cosmetic gypsy

[Reactivate] Cosmetic gypsy suffering from allergies is no longer lost in skin care methods

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I will talk from my actual experience with 40 years (or more) of pollinosis history.
A calm medical aroma that made me wander around with cosmetic gypsy
If the skin care cosmetics do not match, the skin will be dry and lumpy.
It was annoying.
And the skin that becomes itchy when the hair touches it.

I hope that the number of people who suffer from skin problems will decrease ... I thought about this course with a wish.

90 minutes
Course fee 3000 yen + consumption tax
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* What is allergy?
* I have allergic rhinitis
* What kind of symptoms
* What to do with makeup
* From an unpleasant state to a pleasant state
* Medial aroma I met
* How to use medical aroma items
* Fun everyday is waiting

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