Self-Medical Soap Builder Therapist Course@I'm sorry

Time 180min.
Price ¥8,800
Recommended for such people Everyone from high school students to the elderly
Expected effects You can make handmade soap and use it with your family

Learn how to make soap that can be used by the family

We make soap that can be used on the entire face, delicate zone, and body.

It's clean, but it's moist after washing.
Once used, it is a soap that is friendly to both humans and the environment.

We actually make bar soap and there is also a test.
You will receive a certificate at a later date.

The soap we make is uncolored and fragrance-free.
You can take one of the soaps you made with you.
In addition, soap cannot be used until about one month after it is made.

[What to bring] Writing utensils, apron, glasses or goggles, rubber gloves, towel


* Please apply at least 7 days in advance.

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