I'm sorryWhy do you work as a medical aroma counselor?


Light shined in the dark ages

During the sensitive period of junior high school students

There is something very shocking

For the next 35 years

There was a dark age.

Blessed with three sons at the time of the first marriage

Now all three are adults and independent.

To the moms around me while raising children

It was a series of hard days that I couldn't get used to.

After the age of 45

"I don't like this life!

want to change!

How can it change? 』\

While struggling and having various encounters

I met medical aroma a few years ago.

At that time, the teacher

Please recommend counseling

After several counseling

Finally from the darkness (sickness)

I was able to get out!

With medical aromatherapy

With counseling

The light has shined on my life!


"I want to change, but what should I do?

For those who are in trouble because they do not understand

Help to reduce the burden ”

This time i want to

Currently called a medical aroma counselor

I'm working ♡


I'm sorry

Medical aroma is a home medicine box

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