I'm sorryDementia suddenly worsens due to corona damage!


I met my father-in-law through an acrylic board

In a special nursing home for the elderly
What is your father-in-law?
I've been visiting online for a long time

If the conditions are met

Sandwich the acrylic plate
Only 15 minutes away 2 meters
Because I was able to meet

I made a reservation at the facility and visited there.

I imagined it, but

My father-in-law, who is 90 years old, has dementia
Rapidly progressing
Conversation is not possible at all

This is the reality! When
It was finally accepted.

My husband's mother was 30 years ago
With muscular dystrophy

In a state of consciousness and pain
Husband who took care of his weakened mother says

There is no pain and I forget everything ...

For itchy teeth that can't do anything
I cried on my way home.

When my husband was young
The younger sister of her husband who died shortly after birth
The event of the day that was also the anniversary of death.

It's getting damp for some reason

Now the couple get along well
Live bright and enjoyable
Let's cherish this time ♡

Even on the day I thought, there was (^^)


I'm sorry

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