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First medical aroma text

This is a textbook created by the association for certified instructors.
Ask your teacher how to use it and use this textbook
Recommend many people a healthy life with medical aroma.
Person who can use is more than business lecturer.
方 People who have a homepage in the cloud can use it.

<To member lecturers>
に In order to educate and spread the Medical Aromatherapy of the Association,
The association has created a textbook "First Medical Aroma".

This course is about 90 minutes.
The Association Headquarters will hold a ¥ 1,000 soft-type cream material fee.
In the second half of the content we will make various things together.
①We teach only how to make spray ①
The soft type cream of ② is made by all participants
From ③ to 全 て, use 3 drops of lavender angstifolia
Show what the instructor makes.
た ら If you tell me how to make each, those who want to make will make them separately for ¥ 500 each.
※ As the instructor's power increases, the number of participants to make separately increases.
た ら After making, we will introduce recipes that are often used at home.
終了 This is the end, but for participants who want to make recipes that they use frequently for 30 minutes after this
Please make your own at the drop material "material cost".
The time to rent the venue is 2 to 3 hours

* Venue fee may be added to the entry fee.
で We recommend that you hold the event once a month in one venue.
Those who can come to make it in the second re-enrollment are ¥ 500 material fee separately

In addition, be sure to give the student order form, and the instructor will take the order and place an order with the association using the instructor-specific order form.

As described above, please raise profits and instructor skills, and aim to be a high-quality instructor.

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