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2016 July 1

Japan Medical Aromatherapy Association (hereinafter referred to as the "Association".) Contract related to services provided (below, we Toi "Service Agreement".), The terms and conditions set forth below (hereinafter, referred to as the "Agreement" masu.) of you shall be in accordance with the content. Customers at the time, which is a sign up for this service available, will be deemed to have consented to be bound by the terms of this Agreement.

Chapter 1 General Provisions

Article 1 (Definitions)

In this agreement, the definition of the term will be as follows.

1. "Service"

Cloud services that the association provides (aka JMAA cloud)

2. "members"

After this agreement of the approval, the association given corporations and organizations and signed up for the use of the service in accordance with the procedure, who has been licensed for your use of the service by the Institute

3. "subscribers"

People that are registered in the mail distribution management of member

4. "members"

People who buy a member of a Commodity

5. "business day"

Association apply various us for this service, contact us, notification, etc. (hereinafter collectively referred to as the "sign-up, etc.") accepts perform day. It should be noted that of these acceptance is done only every business day. (From 10:00 day except holidays designated by the Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays as well as the Association to 17:00 (hereinafter referred to as "business hours" and says) you and the one day. Other than the business day of the day and, during non-business hours for made the your application, etc., it will be deemed to have been made on the business day next to arrival.)

Chapter 2 contract

Article 2 (a unit of the contract)

Association, enter into one of the service contracts for each one of the services. At the stage of pressing the following registration button I will assume that you agree to these Terms.

Article 3 (Application of the contract)

  1. Before members and subscribers, members, which is a sign up for this service contract, is an application be sure of your trial of this service, during the trial period, the customer terminal equipment and other environment to be used in the present service , whether this service is expected to be operating normally, verify, such as whether can demonstrate your satisfactory performance on your own, please inquire. In rare cases, the association management network network, by a combination of terminal facilities, etc., there are times when this service can not be offered successfully. Thus, execution of this service contract, shall be made on the assumption that the consideration is made, if the customer is to neglect the study, it was forced to terminate this service agreement for the damage or the like, Association does not take any responsibility. Also, it does not perform as well repayment.
  2. If that is the sign up for this service contract, billing name, telephone number, FAX number, E-mail, Other Application of matters is the association in order to identify to specify the content (hereinafter, collectively "your information About equal "and says), Web and other Association will submit to the Association in a way that you specify. It should be noted that, for these matters, there is a case where I am to present your documents to prove that fact to the Association.
  3. Handling such as customer information by the Association shall be based on the privacy policy of the Association home page described.

Article 4 (approval of the application contract)

Association, each of your application is, the following if any of the items of, does not accept the sign up for this service, or you shall be able to cancel the contract.
(1) If the application by disloyal of content has been made.
(2) if applicable applicant is that if there is for Failure contractual obligations in each service such as the association in the past to provide, or since it may neglect the future Association determines.
(3) If the continued provision of the service association and it is difficult to judged by rational reasons.
(4) In addition, if the association has determined that there is carried out on a significant hindrance of business.

Article 5 (Notification)

For if you change about your information or the like occurs will be as follows.
(1) If you change to your information or the like occurs, must be reported to the Association in a way that you specify as soon as possible Web Other Association.
(2) If there is a report of the previous issue, the customer to the association, there is a case where I am present the documents to prove the fact that there was of that notification.
(3) From when there is a notification about the change, such as your information customers, thereafter, contact to customers from the Association, notification, etc., shall be sent or transmitted to the change destination. If the notification without such as your information of this section (1) has been changed, notification to the Association before the change contacts, contact was that, also due to the fact that did not get in touch with our customers, our customers, specify It does not assume any responsibility for any damage caused to members as well as third parties.

Article 6 (Prohibition of such transfer, collateral)

We may transfer the right to receive the provision of the services, rent, lease, pledge, you will not be able to do any of that for the purpose of other collateral.

Article 7 (commission)

Association of the whole and the part of the business for the provision of this service without your consent, can be entrusted to a third party. However, in this case, the association will manage the contractors have a responsibility.

Article 8 (cancellation of the contract ends)

1. For release from the association and as follows.
(1) In the event that you fall under any one of the following items, the association, will be able to immediately terminate this service agreement and without any of the notification to you.

  1. If you breach any one of the terms and conditions of this Agreement.
  2. If there is a disloyal false statements or omissions in the application matters.
  3. If you had a hindrance to business operations of the Association, or if you performed certain acts with the fear.
  4. Provisional seizure, provisional injunction, compulsory execution, allegations of auction, etc., notification provided for in the law, Article 2 on the provisional registration collateral contract, when subjected to delinquency and other delinquent taxes of trading suspension or tax dues of the clearing house, or of these allegations , disposal, if that caused the event to be notified.
  5. If the long-term contact by means of the phone ? FAX ? e-mail from us to our customers over does not stick.
  6. If it is determined that the purpose of showing ads of avoidance, such as self-invited to have.
  7. If you failed to pay the usage fees over a period of more than four months.
  8. If the same person has acquired more than one free account.

2. For measures after the release and end will be as follows.
If the release and end date of the service arrives during the service period, the already charge of your application service period, regardless of the cancellation and termination reason, the refund, etc. does not do at all. Even if it is automatically renewed assumes that there is a sign up, it will be handled in the same way.

Chapter 3 content

Article 9 (set maintained)

Set of terminal equipment, etc. that are required during the use of this service and, please be maintained so as to conform to the technical standards and technical conditions. It should be noted, the setting, maintenance, please carried out with the customer's responsibility and cost.

Article 10 (payment obligations)

  1. Customers will pay a service fee of applicable until the due date of the invoice issued by the Association. In addition, the transfer fee will be paid by the customer.
  2. You may, if there is no still payment after the lapse of the due date for the service charges and other obligations, counting from the day following the due date for the period up to the day before the payment date, calculated at the rate of year 14.5% the amount obtained by you may pay to the Association as a delay interest.
    (Note) The ratio of per year as prescribed in this section is, you have a percentage of per day, 365 days a year even for the period, including the leap year day.

Article 11 (change of contract)

  1. The correspondence If you want to change the agreement, and as follows, depending on what you want to change. However, both shall'll offer you in a way that Web Other Association specify.
    As described price after the change Association Homepage
    And, payment of the price shall in accordance with the provisions of Article 13.
  2. Regardless of the provisions of the preceding description, change about your information, etc., will be subject to the description of this Agreement Article 5.

Article 12 (restrictions and prohibitions)

Customers Upon use of this service, should not be subjected to the following actions. If any of the following acts and the association is determined, you may want to stop the account.
(1) with respect to a third party other than the registered members, be or give or grant the right to use this service.
(2) copy of the service ID, distribution, loan, sent to a third party, lease, Collateral.
(3) modify the documents and programs related to this service, translation, change, modification, analysis, create derivative services, distribution Acts.
(4) Association and act prejudice or damage to a third party, or any act that raises the fear of.
(5) acts contrary to public order and morals.
(6) violation of laws and regulations acts or criminal act, the act of aiding them, or any act that raises the fear of the.
(7) registers the information and data including the harmful program, the act of providing.
(8) acts to prevent the operation of all the services the service and the association provided, or actions that the risk.
(9) act disrupting credit and honor like of all services the service and the association provided, or actions that the risk.
(11) act to send a large amount of information using the communication functions contained in the service, or, indiscriminate act of sending an e-mail or the like contrary to its intention to unspecified persons, or pre-approved Acts such as to deliver the mail to to not destination.
(12) of customs, browsing under the age of 18 minors posting content that is determined to be prohibited, posting violent content.
(13) If the monthly usage fee has been delinquent more than 4 months.
(14) In addition, the association is determined to be inappropriate conduct.

Article 13 (service ID, access URL, the system administrator password, each account, self-management of each password)

  1. Customers, service ID, access URL, the system administrator password, each account, note the handling of each password, issued to a third party other than the registered member, please do not leak spread.
  2. Service ID, access URL, direct system administrator password, each account, each password generated by it was known to a third party other than the registered members, indirectly, all of the other damage, and available later this service about, such as no longer available, the association does not take any responsibility. However, in the case of the responsibility of the association is not this limitation.

Chapter 4 services such as stopping

Article 14 (Suspension of Service)

  1. 1. Association in a case which falls under any of the following items, you may want to stop providing this service.
    (1) Association management network system, maintenance system required to provide other this service, when the service or on construction of telecommunications facilities unavoidable, also when the unavoidable failure occurs in these.
    (2) when it is difficult to provide a normal service by the association management network system a significant load or fault given, or when the association is determined to be difficult.
    (3) alteration of data by providing a hacking like this service, when customers, the possibility that a third party or the like is subjected to significant damage Association recognized.
    (4) discontinue providing telecommunications operators or abroad telecommunications entity of telecommunication services, and by stopping, when the provision of the service based on the service contract it became difficult to carry out.
    (5) natural disaster, war, civil unrest, the enactment abolition other force majeure in laws, if the emergency occurs or when there is the possibility.
    (6) In addition, if the association has determined that the provision of the services stop, there is a need to emergency stop.
  2. Society does not accept this as a principle in relation to an emergency stop requests from customers and third parties.
  3. Association to stop this service, as well as customers by that could not be stopped, and even if a third party has suffered damage, the association does not assume any liability of any.
  4. In the service period, this service is stopped by to reasons attributable to the association, from the time when the customer is a state that can not be entirely your use of the Service may occur, and, Association that the state has occurred has been recognized when that was not available 24 hours or more continuous service, except in the following cases, the time to make sure that the association has become available again (hereinafter referred to as service stop time.) a fee equivalent of payment to customers, or will be refunded.
    (1) If the customer does not make a claim within one month from the date of a can be performed a claim for payment or refund of the fee equivalent.
    (2) If the fee equivalent of less than 10,000 yen.

Article 15 (of the service change, some abolition)

  1. Association regardless of the customer's recognition how, you may want to change and abolish some of the contents, etc., of this service without giving prior notice.
  2. Association may be changed regardless of the customer's recognition how, the free version function without giving prior notice to the paid version.

Article 16 (abolition of the service)

Association will be able to abolish all of the provision of the services in accordance with the present service contract. It should be noted that, in this case, the association is to you, before 3 months or more than the abolition date, by means of which the association is to provide, shall be notified.

Chapter 5 Disclaimer, etc

Article 17 (abolition of the service)

Association will be able to abolish all of the provision of the services in accordance with the present service contract. It should be noted that, in this case, the association is to you, before 3 months or more than the abolition date, by means of which the association is to provide, shall be notified.

Article 18 (Limited Warranty)

  1. Customers, confirmed damage of direct or indirect of any that have occurred on the basis of the use of this service all is to risk (data loss, server down, business stagnation, claim, etc. from a third party) that only customers bear here and, I agree. Association, the functions contained in the service is intended to satisfy customer requirements, the present service operates normally, defects in the service (including so-called bugs, the structural problems, etc.) resides in the case has been, this is to be modified, none of the not guaranteed. In addition, any information or advice by any oral or written Association also carried out a new guarantee, or otherwise does not expand the scope of this warranty in any way. Association If a defect is found in this service, do not assume the obligation to pay to repair or modify this service, or any of the cost of repair or modification of this service.
  2. Association for services, etc. associated with this service, you might want to unauthorized change or cancel your prior. Intended to permanently guarantee this service and the equivalent of the use environment at the time of the agreement entered into is not.
  3. Association its integrity for information such as the content and customers of this service is obtained through the Service, accuracy, reliability, and shall not perform any guarantee of such usefulness.

Article 19 (Disclaimer)

  1. In any case, even if caused by tort, contract or any other legal grounds, association, suppliers of other this service, resellers, and provides the company of each piece of information content, to customers and other third parties , loss of business value, stop of business, damage caused by computer failure, of any, including any other commercial damage, loss, etc. direct, indirect, sPECIAL, incidental or consequential loss, not responsible for damages Hmm. In addition, the Association is not responsible for any claims of third parties. In addition, for the use of services such as that provided by the providing company of each piece of information content, and shall be based on the agreement of each information content provider company. We are all of the risk involved in the use of this service is to confirm here that only the customer is responsible, agree.
  2. Association, the customer is registered data, files, for the password, and the like, your prior consent without reading, I do not do is to perform the use or the like. Thus, the association does not assume any responsibility for the contents of the data that you have written, files, password, and the like. Processing of disputes such as that occurred in association with these, the customer is assumed to resolve the dispute at its own expense and responsibility, to the Association, arbitration, can not be queried any other claims.

Article 20 (sending of such information)

Association, judged the information file and the questionnaire required on the use of this service, e-mail announcements concerning products, etc., written notice by mail, you may be sent to customers through other means. The contact by these means If that does not stick, or when there is a high urgency and importance of such information, the association, to contact the customer and their information, such as by using a part of this service, which forced customers by self-judgment is to use function it can. it should be noted that, if the customer and contact can not be taken by them, the association is responsible due to the fact you did not contact shall not undertake any.

Article 21 (right attribution)

All of the programs constitute the implementation environment of this service, software, services, procedures, documents, drawings, documents, trademarks, property rights relating to trade names, etc., copyright the beginning to all other intellectual property rights (hereinafter referred to as "this matter referred to as intellectual property rights ".), the Association, and the property of their respective suppliers. This service, the document relating to this service, drawings, documents, such as documents are protected by law as well as the Convention on copyright law and other intellectual property rights. Therefore, customers must treat them like any other copyrighted material. In addition, intellectual property rights for each of the content, which is to display and use access from the Service are the property of each information content providing company, it has been protected by law as well as the Convention on copyright law and other intellectual property rights you.

Chapter 6 Miscellaneous Provisions

Article 22 (Governing Law and Miscellaneous Provisions)

This agreement is the governing law of Japanese law. In addition, in the case of a dispute with respect to the present terms and conditions document through this service has occurred, You agree also Association also agreed the Tokyo District Court or Tokyo Summary Court to be the first instance court of competent jurisdiction in accordance with the Sogaku.

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