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About JMAA cloud

JMAA cloud is a system that supports the "spread enlightenment of medical aromatherapy". And lecturer (members lecturer) that are educational activities throughout the country, is a place general users meet you want you want and enlightenment to use and want to understand the future of the medical aromatherapy correctly. Along with the provision of high-quality information and services, you can take advantage of the reservation system by visualization of enlightenment activities nationwide (calendar reservation system). Including the lecturer who and general user in the activities, we hope that contribute to the general public "spread enlightenment of medical aromatherapy" go further helped spread.

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Member lecturer of the seminar reservation, can be viewed in the site
JMAA cloud, can view the information of medical aromatherapy to your needs, it is a place meet a member lecturer who suits the purpose and regions. You can easily buy a seminar application and products from smartphones and tablet.

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If you want to spread the field and lecturers force of educational activities as Medical Aromaterapisuto, and be issued by e-mail magazine and step-mail, customer management and session Reservation Please register to centralized management can JMAA cloud.
2)After the registration generous support
So that you can arrange their own page in the image Street, it will help the mechanism of construction of the site pages and attract customers. Important tool for the e-mail magazine also issued new customer acquisition. Please feel free to contact us to JMAA cloud When you become anxious.

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