Aromaglacé☆JHDSA Japan Handmade Dog Soap Association Authorized Handmade Dog Soap "Basics" Beginner Course@Aroma Mask & Salon Aroma Grasse

Capacity 3
Entry fee ¥18,700
Recommended for such people Anyone can take this course
Expected effects You can learn about the ultimate handmade soap that is gentle on your dog's skin and create practical training.
This is a basic course that is essential for obtaining a certified creator qualification.

JHDSA Certified Dog Handmade Soap "Basics" Dog Soap Beginner Course

This course is a beginner (basic) course certified by the Japan Handmade Dog Soap Association.

The basis of soap is to think carefully about "washing".
Handmade dog soap that fulfills the original role of soap to wash dirt and unnecessary sebum without burdening the delicate skin and coat of dogs.

In this course, while sticking to the basics of this soap, we will give an easy-to-understand lecture on the differences from ordinary soaps, laws, production methods, and basic knowledge of essential oils and fats.

In the course, you will actually make soap with everyone and take home the soap you made yourself.

Using the knowledge you have learned, you can also use it to create handmade soaps that are customized for each dog type and individual.

Knowing the goodness of soap from the history of soap
The difference between store-bought soap and handmade soap
About water in the world
about the law
Calculation method for caustic soda
Making bar soap suitable for dog breeds
Practicing handmade soap
How to shampoo using soap, etc.

After taking the course, JHDSA "Japan Handmade Dog Soap Association" beginner course completion certificate will be issued.
After that, if you wish, you can proceed to acquire the dog soap creator qualification for advanced users (to become a professional dog soap)!

We would appreciate it if you could bring an apron, etc.

Date and time 2023/04/21 12:00 ~ 16:30


アロマスクール&サロン アロマグラッセ

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