Medical Aroma QOL Planner Course@Charm kennel

Organizer/Co-organizer JMAA Medical Aromatherapy Association Tochigi Branch Officer School
Capacity 3
Entry fee ¥22,000
Recommended for such people This course is recommended for those who are interested in medical aroma.
Expected effects This is a course where you can deeply learn JMAA medical aroma in one day.
Why don't you join us for a medical aroma that is fun to learn and can be a business?

Medical Aroma QOL Planner Course

Medical Aroma QOL Planner Course

After taking the course, we will issue a certificate of completion.
Please choose the one you like from the following
Medical Aroma QOL Planner
Medical aroma health caretaker

This course teaches many people how to manage and care for their health at home using medical aroma.
This is a course for enlightenment and dissemination. The association wants people who can spread this content
We call them "Medical Aroma QOL Planner" and "Medical Aroma Health Manager".
For example, it contains a lot of information such as pre-illness care, getting rid of dependence on over-the-counter drugs, "If you make over-the-counter drugs with medical aroma", basic knowledge of medical aroma, and how to use it.
After taking the course, please tell yourself and many people about the wonderfulness of medical aroma.

As an NPO, if you understand how to use the course safely, you will not be responsible for your activities.
The association is responsible and will back you up.

Lesson 4 hours 30 minutes Intensive course General 6 hours

Price 20,000 yen excluding tax

What to make 3 types of lavender cream, 1 each
Lavender water
Lavender emulsion
Lavender gel 6 pieces in total

Medical aroma QOL planner course contents

What is Medical Aroma QOL Planner?
About Japan Medical Aromatherapy Association
Explanation of medical aroma using constitutional judgment
How to make a prescription Western medical prescription
Oriental medical prescription
Psychological prescription

Description of lavender
Lavender Angstifolia
Lavender stoecas
Lavender Spica
What is medical aromatherapy?
Question: What essential oils can be used to repel mosquitoes?
How to make a spray
What you should not use and how to use
Antibacterial power phenol coefficient
How to make soft cream
How to make a hard cream
How to make gel cream
How to make water
Difference between general aroma and medical aroma
How to use medical aroma 1
How to use medical aroma 2
Some people say that medical aroma is dangerous for cats ...
Is it dangerous because the essential oil component is absorbed from the nose even with the scent?
Difference between human and animal
How to make bath oil
How to make milky lotion
About the immune system
Basic knowledge of medical aroma
How to choose essential oils
What is an essential oil?
Characteristics of essential oils
Essential oil extraction method
Extraction amount of essential oil
Ingredients of essential oil
Precautions when using essential oils
Essential oils to be careful
Difference between modern medicine and aromatherapy (current situation in Japan)
Diseases that modern medicine is not particularly good at
How to make gel
Stress care
Body illness level
Mental illness level
What is basic psychology?
What is Applied Psychology?
Antidepressant gel
Stabilizer gel
Sleeping gel
If you make an over-the-counter drug with medical aroma
Medical aromatherapy recipe
35 popular recipes

Date and time 2021/01/28 11:00 ~ 17:00



The application period has ended.

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