cancellation policy

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Thank you for applying for the Medical Aroma Course.
This classroom has a cancellation policy.
Thank you for reading.

【contact information】
If you are canceled due to unavoidable reasons after applying, please contact below.
Telephone: 090-2654-9135
Cloud: "Inquiries to Tamaki-an @ Junko Tamaki"

【cancellation policy】

★ In the case of beginner course (certified advisor)
All cancellations after the reservation is confirmed (paid) will be refunded after deducting the text fee.
Please note that in the case of cancellation without contact, we will not refund.
Cancellation of course days is the same as for certified courses (1800 yen / 90 minutes per lesson).

★ In case of certified course
・ 10 days to 1 week ago ¥ 3,000
・ From 6 to 2 days before, 50% of the course fee
・ 100% on the day before and on the day
・ If the venue is a rental space, + rental fee
* If you change the schedule, please make a reservation within 3 months in this case free of charge (required rental fee).
(Note) If there is no notice of the reservation even after 3 months, only the text fee will be charged.

★ In the case of a reservation experience session
Cancellations after booking completion (transfer completion) are non-refundable.

★ In case of local payment course
For cancellation on the day before or on the day, the full amount of the tuition must be transferred to the designated account.

場合 If the lecture is canceled due to the lecturer's convenience, we will contact you by e-mail or telephone at least 7 days before the seminar, unless there is an unavoidable reason such as sudden illness of the lecturer. The tuition will be fully refunded.

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