[Re-attendance system]

[Re-attendance system]
For those of you who have learned once but want to deepen your learning again, there is a great re-learning system.

● Various instructor qualification courses (health manager, self-care, mamachai, self-stress care, long-term care)
・ 5000 yen when attending with general students
(Half price for those who learned from other teachers)

・ One-on-one: 10,000 yen
(15,000 yen for those who learned from other teachers)
* 2000 yen discount for 2 people or more

● Beginner course (certified advisor)
・ One frame 3500 yen
(Fixed amount for those who learned from other teachers)

● Individual guidance 2500 yen / hour
(Those who learned from other teachers are 3000 yen / hour)
One-on-one guidance where you can pinpoint what you do not understand

* Those who have passed more than one year after taking the course will receive a 20% discount from the regular amount.
* There is no practical training for re-attendance.
* If you are with a friend who is taking the course for the first time, the re-attendance fee will be half the price.
* Tuition fee + 5000 yen for 2 days
* Venue: Rokuchonome Kita Classroom 1
* Business trip course tuition fee + 3000 yen (1 day, transportation fee not included)

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