[Support course after attendance]

[Support course after attendance]
* Reservation required
① "First making party ♪ Tips for enjoying"
I got a qualification, but I don't know what to do!
I want to start a making party, but I don't know from the preparations!
I can't start because I have little knowledge!
We will teach you the knowledge and attitude to start smoothly ♪

② "How to make a leaflet, how to send FB"
I don't know how to make it
I want to make an eye-catching catch phrase
I want to know the information that must be posted
If you get the hang of it, it's fun work ♪

Each tuition fee: 3500 yen (ZOOM: 3000 yen)
Time: Approximately 2 hours

③Advisor-only "one-on-one communication strengthening course"
I can not explain it well
I can't practice alone
I want you to check if your way of communicating is correct

・ Not oil
・ Immune system
・ Explanation of skin
・ 3 types of lavender
・ Judgment of the constitution of Hippocrates (second piece)
・ Others

Tuition fee: 3000 yen (ZOOM: 2500 yen)
Time: 90 minutes
* If you would like to use the above method, please narrow down to "one of them" and apply.

[Follow-up course]
This is a follow-up course after getting a medical aroma qualification.

Time: about 90 minutes
Participation fee: 3000 yen (ZOOM: 2500 yen)
(Those who learned from other teachers are 3500 yen, ZOOM: 3000 yen))

Both are held at your convenience!
Please contact us from "Inquiries to Tamaki-an Tamaki Junko" on the cloud HP top.
We will get back to you within 2 days.

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