Text renewal follow-up@[Tokyo Board of Directors] GRINNING DOG.HAMILL M Aroma & M Soap

Time 60min.
Price ¥1,500
Recommended for such people Those who receive QOL / self-care
Expected effects Follow the newly inserted page.

Text renewal follow-up

Until now, we had a policy of communicating face-to-face, but
From 2021/1/25, the number of courses that can be held at ZOOM has increased.
And, in addition to medical aromatherapy, the story of the new corona will be added.

Those who already have qualifications! !!
Please be assured that we will follow the page on ZOOM ^^

This is a course that can be taken at ZOOM.

◇ Self-care therapist course

◇ Pet therapist course

◇ Mom & Child Care Therapist Course

◆ Self-care therapist instructor course

◆ Pet self-care therapist instructor course

◆ Mama & Child Care Therapist Instructor Course

◆ QOL planner course

★ Advisor course

If you have received the above and need to follow up on the new part, please receive it from the teacher in charge ^ ^
We will respond to those who do not have an instructor in charge of pets from JMA ACV or from the association.
?? ?? Please contact me at that time ^ ^

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