You can make it in Akitsu. Various recipes (aroma, soap, cosmetics)@[Tokyo Board of Directors] GRINNING DOG.HAMILL M Aroma & M Soap

Time 90min.
Price ¥0
Recommended for such people I can make what I want to make ♪
Medical aroma, CP cosmetics, handmade stone
I am available at home. We will discuss and decide the schedule.
Expected effects Those who can come to Akitsu and Shin-Akitsu 
Even those who have not taken the course for the first time ^ ^

You can make it in Akitsu. Various recipes (aroma, soap, cosmetics)

I moved to my uncle's house as a measure against empty houses.

Home salon... Uh...
I wonder if it's Showa Salon.

Please feel free to make it and come to practice.

Participation fee is zero yen
I have paid for the materials.

Prices for medical aromatherapy and CP cosmetics are listed in the price list
Soap: 3,300-5,500 yen (500-1,000 ml to take home)

After you inquire about the schedule, we will discuss it with you.

JR Shin-Akitsu Station 10 minutes on foot
Seibu Line Akitsu Station 18 minutes on foot (8 minutes to pass the shopping street ^^)
One car can be parked.
I am sending you a map.

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