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Time 60min.
Price ¥1,000
Recommended for such people Anyone can join.
Expected effects I want to take a course, but I want to know the contents of the course
I don't know the recipe ...
I want to talk ^^ Anything is OK.

Consult us about anything zoom

Things related to medical aroma
Handmade soap / fermentation
Pets (various types of support)

When you want to talk

Anything is OK ^^

Those who are taking my course are free.
Please speak for 30 minutes ^^

ZOOM is faster than email ^-^

Please contact us from the inquiry instead of the calendar below.

JMAA Tokyo Professor Lecturer Rumi Bashira
Trained by my mother-in-law ~
Survive mom friends ~
Taking a big turning point in life with pet loss
It is now.

I think you can sympathize with the story.

When it comes to "U", the person next to the smile is also relieved.

20's ... Challenge what you want to do and get sick!
30's ... In preparation for the coming 40's, let's start aiming for a person who is beautiful not only in appearance but also in content!
40s ... Juniors of the same age as my child will enter society ^^ Let's aim for a longing senior! Sermon to confidence ^^
50s ... A heart that can support juniors, everyone looks like a son and daughter ^ ^
60s ... A junior child is separated. The second time of independence!
70 years old ... Let's do whatever we want!

Mind / Pet Medical Aroma / Human Medical Aroma / Human Handmade Soap / Dog / Cat Handmade Soap
I'm good at ^^

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