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Thank you for choosing GRINNING DOG&CAT/Hamill from many teachers (_ _)
I thank you sincerely.

There is a seminar cancellation policy so that you can participate comfortably.

■ Seminar cancellation policy
Regarding natural disasters such as typhoons, GRINNING DOG & CAT / Hamill Tokyo cancellation due to circumstances,
Participation fee will be fully refunded.
In case of cancellation due to the customer's convenience after payment, the participation fee will not be refunded.
If you wish, please contact us as we may be able to transfer.

■About proxy attendance
If the applicant cannot attend due to unavoidable reasons on the day, it is possible to take an alternate course.
If you would like to take a substitute course (can be changed until the day before), please contact the following.
We cannot accept transfers to other seminars, but please contact us.

■About changing the date and time
As a general rule, we will contact you by email or phone 5 days before the seminar unless there is an unavoidable case such as a lecturer's sudden illness/Tokyo emergency situation due to new corona. At that time, we will confirm the hope of participation / non-participation again, and if you can not participate, we will refund the participation fee in full.

■About holding cancellation
If you want to cancel the seminar due to a natural disaster such as a typhoon or a Tokyo emergency situation due to the new corona,
Unless there is an unavoidable situation such as Tokyo Metropolitan emergency measures due to sudden illness / new corona of the lecturer
As a general rule, we will contact you by email or phone by the day before the seminar.
The participation fee will be fully refunded. (The transfer fee will be borne.)
In addition, unless you contact us to change or cancel the seminar date and time,
Even if you cancel due to snowfall, train delay, etc., it will be canceled for your convenience.
Please note.

■ About refund method
We will refund the participation fee to the designated account.
In addition, we will refund within 7 days after contacting the refund account.

Names of applicants (if applying by group, please enter the names of all)
Specified account for refund
Financial institution name:
Branch name:
Account line: (normal or current)
account number:
Account holder:
*Enter the name in full-width katakana

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