CP Cosmetics Foundation Course@[Tokyo Board of Directors] GRINNING DOG.HAMILL M Aroma & M Soap

CP Cosmetics Foundation Course Text

Textbook for [New Course Medical Aroma Beauty Course CP Cosmetics Foundation Course]
* Course fee is free. Only material costs are used to make foundation CP cosmetics.
Text download is free.

Association Regulations: You can use this textbook to give lectures
Please be sure to use the textbook once from the instructor in charge or the instructor at the base before holding the event.
The equipment used can only be purchased by instructors who have a B membership number or JMAAL instructors.

The first CP cosmetics foundation I tested!
It was like a skin oil film.
This is for people with sensitive skin! !!
You can choose to include or not include stimulating preservatives.
Wrap each particle in a nanocapsule (chemistry is amazing!),
It spreads thinly and evenly even though it is not directly attached to the skin.
I felt that this was like a sebum film.
The course fee is free and only the material cost is held.

Foundation 20 mm 1500 yen

Held every month ^^
After applying, we will discuss the date and hold it ^ ^
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