1/15 Chairman Yoshida talks about “immunity and infectious diseases” Shinjuku@[Tokyo Board of Directors] GRINNING DOG.HAMILL M Aroma & M Soap

Capacity 35
Entry fee ¥3,500
Recommended for such people Anyone
Expected effects Family and your own care!
Cold prevention in cold season. The identity of a cold ^^

Yoshida's talk on "immunity and infectious diseases"

Cold season.
Exam season.
Tired of new year
Heated room.

And dry & cold

Season when we want to celebrate colds and infectious disease bacteria and viruses> _ <

If you know your opponent, you can also make a strategy here ♪

This time, Dr. Yoshida, Chairman of Japan Medical Aromatherapy Association,
Invite me
I will talk about immunity and infectious diseases.

Inconvenience on this day, I can't go :: . . Towards

It is also held at Saitama Chapter.
1/10! ! https://jmaa-cloud.com/shop/naturearomacafe/seminar-event/5832?fbclid=IwAR2BJF73ep4XkYZ8KuWVxkfWVfHn4VYfVDRgqH8ybNrnDa7dZmVMDLIkYPo

This page is for application for 1/15 Tokyo Shinjuku.

Download and bring the text.
Thank you very much.

Date and time 2020/01/15 13:30 ~ 16:00



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