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Recommended for such people Chairman Yoshida for Pet Medical Aroma (CACIO), B or above, those who have taken the Fantastic course, soap builders, and JHDSA.
If it is a one-off, people other than those listed above are also accepted.
Expected effects This is the content that you will follow up on even after taking the course. Providing new information with the times.
Please overwrite outdated information.

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Medical aroma monthly study session (ZOOM)
〇Purpose of the study session

From now on, it will be important to have knowledge about diseases and protect your family and pets.
Medical aroma study sessions are held monthly using ZOOM etc.
Follow up and update knowledge.

If you plan to participate once a month, the fee is 2000 yen (association regulations).
Thank you very much for your support ^^

Separately for medical soap and JHDSA customers.
We will follow up and update the soap. Below is the notification email registration URL.

*This is the person who received the message from Chairman Yoshida.
? ? Please feel free to let us know ^^
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