ZOOM enlightenment and dissemination Lecture text@[Tokyo Board of Directors] GRINNING DOG.HAMILL M Aroma & M Soap

Price ¥3,800
Recommended for such people Those who received a lecture from Chairman Yoshida
Those who took a course from Rumi Kishimoto (me)
Those who want to start medical aromatherapy
Expected effects You can review and educate the Medical Therapy Association (including Pet JMAACV).
From now on, you will be able to understand the concept of medical aromatherapy.

Awareness/dissemination course text

Enlightenment and dissemination free lecture text ZOOM

Vo1 “The difference between lavender”
Vo2: “What essential oil has insect repellent properties?”
Vo3: “What essential oil has strong antibacterial properties?”
Vo4 “What essential oils can be used against the new coronavirus?”
Vo5: “Why can’t we use ethanol in medical aromatherapy?”
Vo6: “If you use a carrier oil, the essential oil will not enter through the barrier zone.”
Vo7 “Essential oils, herbal water, and herbs have different ingredients.”
Vo8 “What is safe essential oil?”
Vo9 [Medical aroma and immune system]
Vo10 [Summary]

It will take approximately 2 hours if you receive it in one session.
Each session lasts 30-60 minutes and will be held via Zoom or Skype.
Date and time: We will discuss and decide.
It is possible to divide it into 1 to 3 times.
We will explain in points, so you can guide and learn what medical aroma is like.

●Those who want to make medical aroma recipes
If you want to make your own, there will be a material fee. (Amount shown in text)
If you live far away, we will introduce you to the nearest instructor/advisor.

Text download (enlightenment/dissemination course texts 1-10 free download)


zoomID is the same as usual.
If you are taking the course again, please join us when the timing is right ^^

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