Advisor Elementary Basic / Applied Course Direct Course@[Kawagoe / Musashi Urawa] Health & Beauty Salon Ola

Price ¥227,700 ¥217,700
Recommended for such people * All interested
* Those who want to decide the lesson date according to their own schedule
* Limited to those who pay in one lump sum
* Those who want to learn deeply about medical aroma
* Those who want to know how to use it with a basis
* Those who want to make their own original recipes
Expected effects * If you pass the exam, you can prescribe the original recipe yourself.
* You can know the components of essential oils, expanding the range of uses.
* You can learn how to use the base material and the mechanism from skin application to penetration.
* Self-care, pet self-care, mom & kids self-care courses can be held.
If you repeat the above lectures, you can also start the above lecturer lectures.
* You will be able to provide more accurate recipes and give advice.
* As a JMAA member, you can host a culture school or volunteers.
* You can also work as an assistant of the association.

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