Help for free! ZOOM Medical Aroma Mini Course@Cococara

Time 30min.
Price ¥0

Help for free! ZOOM Medical Aroma Mini Course

Help for free!
ZOOM Medical Aroma Mini Course

Because it is like this in the new Corona,
A ZOOM Medical Aroma Mini Course that is free and useful to everyone
We will hold it.

Please download at the top of the screen (free) or download the text from the following.

Each course will be held from 21:00
Adjustable schedule

[Course content] 10 times in total
(It is possible to take only the desired course)

1: Difference in lavender
2: Essential oil with insect repellent effect
3: Essential oil with antibacterial action
4: Essential oil for corona
5: Is it useless to use ethanol?
6: What happens when I use carrier oil?
7: Essential oils and herbs are different
8: What is safe essential oil
9: Medical aroma and immune system
10: Summary of medical aroma

Each course time is about 30 minutes

[Capacity] 2 people each time

[How to attend]
Use the ZOOM app.
ZOOM can be used on a PC, smartphone, tablet, etc.
You can take classes from anywhere with an internet environment.

★For those who participate, please email by the date and time
We will send you the meeting ID and password for the ZOOM room.

Implementation location

ZOOMアプリにて どこからでも受講可能

Click the time slot you want to reserve.

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