[Soap] Self-soap lecturer course@Robert / JMAA Akita Board of Directors

Organizer/Co-organizer Rubert
Capacity 3
Entry fee ¥24,200
Expected effects You can make it yourself.
In the case of instructor qualification, a self-soap therapist course can be opened.

[Soap] Self-soap lecturer course

Self medical soap builder

You can get either "Therapist" or "Lecturer" qualification.

This is a handmade soap technique with a history of 5000 years.
 It is a soap that is kind to the body and the environment.

Can be used as a face wash, body soap, and household detergent.
 Please try the feel of handmade soap that you can not stop once you use it.

[Training fee]
<Therapist> Can be used for yourself and your family.
3 hours ¥ 6,600 Material costs ¥ 2,200

<Lecturer> We can hold a course certified by the association.
5 hours 22,000 Material cost ¥ 2,200 (certificate included)

[Bundling] Writing utensils, apron, glasses or goggles

Date and time 2020/03/28 10:00 ~ 16:00



The application period has ended.

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