Fax order form after November 6, 2023@晶一 吉田

Fax order form from June 2023 onwards

Auspicious day of September 2022
Dear member instructors,
Japan Medical Aromatherapy Association

"Information on price revisions for soft type cream and hard type cream"

Thank you very much for your continued patronage and cooperation in promoting JMAA.

Now, we have made the "Price revision for soft type cream and hard type cream" as mentioned in the title.
Thank you for your understanding.
In addition to the recent rise in logistics costs, the global situation, and rising labor costs, the depreciation of the yen has accelerated recently, making daily life difficult.
I am sure that you are already feeling the price increase.
JMAA's recommended base materials are no exception, and our suppliers have repeatedly raised their prices.
The association would like to make "Medical Aromatherapy" more familiar to as many people as possible.
Until now, we have reviewed various costs and strived to the limit, but we will be notified in the future.
In response to further price increases, we have no choice but to consider "reviewing the selling price."
In addition, the base materials that are subject to this “sales price review” are “soft type cream and hard type cream”.
However, as long as the global situation and the rapid depreciation of the yen continue, other base materials will also be used.
Prices may be revised without notice.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


Implementation date: From orders placed on October 1, 2022
New price: Soft type cream (formerly hydrophilic ointment) 3,000 yen
Hard type cream (formerly Lanolin) 3,500 yen

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