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Easy insect repellent course text

This text is a [Easy insect repellent course text] created by the JMAA president.

If you are a JMAA business qualified person, please download and use it freely.

The themes taught by each pacey are below

1 Difference between medical aroma and general aroma
2 The ingredients of the essential oil are important
3 What are the essential oils that have an insect repellent effect?
4 The answer is eucalyptus lemon. Communicate the equations of action, composition, and content
5 Essential oils turn into esters over time "Esters have a nice scent" Pharmacological effect is not a sedative repellent
6 When ethanol is used, it rapidly chemically changes to ester depending on how the perfume is made. No longer insect repellent
7 Do not use purified water. Using ethanol or purified water is a way to make perfumes, evidence of purchasing essential oils from the fragrance industry.
8 Do not use with medical aromas.
9 In addition, medical aroma can be used in various ways.
10 How to make insect repellent spray

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