[Text] Medical aroma is home medical care@[Saitama: Tokorozawa] Eternity

[Text] Medical aroma is home medical care

[People who can teach using this text]
・ Being a qualified person of advisor or higher. (Members who have a JMAAL membership number)
・ Those who have a homepage in the cloud.

[How to hold] Face-to-face, online
[Making] Face-to-face only

・ It is composed of 13 pages in total, including 3 pages for constitutional judgment.
・ This is a course that proposes what medical aroma is, what you can do, and what you want to do.
・ Please introduce the course that suits your students, what kind of course you would like to take after the course.

<For the general public>
For care of minor problems that can be done at home!
I hope you can eliminate your anxiety as much as possible.
Please download and print the text to participate.
[Participation fee] 2000 yen
[Lecture time] 90-120 minutes

<Inquiries about this course>

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