[Tokorozawa] Medical Aroma Health Manager / QOL Planner Course@[Saitama: Tokorozawa] Eternity

Capacity 4
Entry fee ¥22,000
Recommended for such people Anyone can attend
Expected effects In this course, you will learn how to break away from dependence on over-the-counter medicines, “If you create over-the-counter medicines with medical aroma,” and basic knowledge of medical aroma and how to use it.
It can be used like a medicine box at home for health management at home, and enlightenment promotion activities can be performed.

[1 day course] Medical aroma health manager / QOL planner course

Medical aroma that uses plant power instead of medicine to strive for health management

How to use Western medicine like a quick-acting drug
Constitutional use like Chinese medicine
Psychological approach using scent

It is said that modern Western medicine is not good
Very effective for allergies, hormonal and mental health

Knowing medical aromas can help you when your family suddenly becomes ill
In addition, you can learn how to break away from dependence on over-the-counter medicines, "If you make over-the-counter medicines with medical aroma," and learn basic knowledge and usage of medical aroma.

It is also a self-care course of the Japan Medical Aromatherapy Association
* Self care
* Mama & Child
* Pet
* Nursing care
* Stress care
It is a very popular course in the whole country because it is a good course mentioned above
Can be used like a medicine box at home for health management at home, and enlightenment promotion activities can be performed
It is information for medical aroma health manager, QOL planner course

[Content of the course]

<Blue> LESSON1 </ blue>
What is a medical aroma QOL planner?

About Japan Medical Aromatherapy Association

Explanation of medical aroma using constitution judgment

How to make a prescription Western medical prescription
Oriental medical prescription
Psychological prescription

Lavender description
Lavender Angstifolia
Lavender stocus
Lavender Spica

What is Medical Aromatherapy?

Question: Which essential oil can be used for mosquito repellent?
① How to make a spray

Things not to use and how to use them

Antibacterial activity phenol coefficient

② How to make soft cream
③ How to make harder cream
方 How to make gel cream
方 How to make water

Difference between general aroma and medical aroma
How to use medical aroma 1
How to use medical aroma 2

Some say cats are dangerous for medical aromas ...
Is it dangerous because the essential oils are absorbed through the nose even with the scent?
Difference between human and animal
⑥ How to make bath oil
方 How to make emulsion

About the immune system
Basic knowledge of medical aroma
How to choose essential oils
What is essential oil
Essential oil features
Essential oil extraction method
Extracted amount of essential oil
Essential components of essential oils
Precautions when using essential oils
Essential oils to watch out for

<Blue> LESSON2 </ blue>
Difference between modern medicine and aromatherapy (current situation in Japan)
Diseases that are particularly weak in modern medicine
方 How to make gel
Stress care
Body disease level
Mental illness level
What is basic psychology?
What is applied psychology?
Antidepressant gel
Stabilizer gel
Sleeping gel
If you make over-the-counter medicine with medical aroma
Medical aromatherapy recipe
35 frequently used recipes

Cream 3 types (soft, firm, gel cream) 1 each
Gel り 6 total You can take home

After taking the course, you can choose either "Medical Aroma QOL Planner" or "Medical Aroma Health Manager"

Recommended points for this course

た い I want to teach my family and friends about medical aroma self-care
る の で Because you can learn recipes that can make over-the-counter medicines with medical aroma, it will also break away from over-the-counter medicine dependence
☑I have a baby job, therapist activity, aroma qualification, but I want to expand my knowledge
い We want to hold workshops and hands-on events!
☑ A diploma is issued and you can write on your resume
会員 Become a member of the association and get a free annual membership fee, no registration fee, base materials and essential oils
☑ <Red> No test </ Red>

About application

★ On payment
A transfer is required in advance.
Please make payment within 7 days after application.

【Japan Post Bank】
Symbol number
Toya Kazue

[Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation] Ginza Branch
Store number {026} (normal)
Course number 8163684
Toya Kazue

We will keep the transfer receipt as a receipt, so please keep it until the day.
Your reservation will be confirmed upon completion of transfer (no e-mail for payment confirmation)

<Bold> ★ There is a re-take system ¥ 4900 (no crafting) </ bold> Please bring <red> text </ red>.
Please enter <red> "Retake" </ red> in the remarks column when applying. Payment will be 4900 yen.

Those who have forgotten the text on the day will be charged a separate text fee.

If you cannot register as a general user, please contact Eternity
Please let us know your name, address, email address, new or retake.

【cancellation policy】
Please note that cancellations after application are not fully refundable.
It is possible by looking back for free.

Date and time 2019/12/19 10:00 ~ 16:00


The application period has ended.

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