Go to Beppu! Slow and leisurely medical aroma making study session@Medical aromatherapy salon Lulu with a nurse

Time 60min.
Price ¥100
Recommended for such people Anyone can do it
Beppu is closer than Oita City
Those who want to make it alone,
Those who are looking for items that suit their worries
Someone who wants you to hear a little trouble
Those who want to study a little
Expected effects You can make medical aroma items with only material costs.
You can make it leisurely by yourself.

It's fun to make! Convinced to use! Medical aroma

In Lulu, in a private space,
I would like to make an item that will be useful even a little.
Let's not only make it, but also learn how to make it, how to use it, and aroma.
This will be held in Beppu City.

<Reservation frame>
60 minutes
It doesn't take long to create.
You can relax while talking.

<What can be created>
Items by symptom
New corona countermeasure item

Participation fee 100 yen
Material cost not included

<Payment method>
Besides cash
Credit card, QR code payment

We wipe off and disinfect the base material and the equipment used for each customer.

Of course, children are also welcome, so please feel free to come.

Implementation location


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