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Time 30min.
Price ¥0
Recommended for such people Those who have a membership number starting with B or L of JMAA.
I got a medical aroma qualification, but

・ I forgot how to make it!
・ I don't understand the text over there!
・ It is difficult to participate in the association's national question meeting!
・ What should I do from now on?


I'm glad I got the qualification,
How can I use it in my life?
Those who are worried about how to work
Expected effects A little unclear will be solved!
You can review medical aroma

Please tell me what you don't understand

As an Oita board school of the Japan Medical Aromatherapy Association
Not to mention the instructors in Oita prefecture
Members from outside the prefecture will also follow.

What I want to check again,
How to make, content of text, etc.
You can talk about anything.

<Attendance time>
Half an hour

<What to prepare>
According to what you do not understand or want to hear
Please prepare.

It is basically a private lesson.

Implementation location


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