QOL planner (health manager) course@Medical aromatherapy salon Lulu with a nurse

Time 180min.
Price ¥27,000
Recommended for such people Anyone can take this course
Expected effects You can learn the basic knowledge of medical aroma.
You can immediately put into practice what you have learned.
It can be used as a physical condition management and health method for yourself and your family.
You can work as an instructor.

Details about attendance

Basic knowledge of medical aroma and self-care methods
You can learn a wide range of JMAA self-care qualifications, including practical training.
After obtaining the qualification, you will be properly enlightened with medical aroma.
You can also do activities.
The training will create a total of 6 medical aroma crafts.

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27,000 yen (including textbook, certification fee, material cost)

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2 times (about 3 hours x 2)

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