Good for the body, steamed YOMOGI@Medical aromatherapy salon Lulu with a nurse

Time 90min.
Price ¥4,000
Recommended for such people Anyone can do it.
In particular,
I get cold
I'm worried about swelling
There are worries peculiar to women
I'm stressed
Self-care before and after exercise
Those who are warm and pregnant
I'm worried about menopause
I want to do something good for my body

If you have a chronic disease, please contact us first.

The mind and body are warm. Would you like to start doing something good for your body?


Approximately 60-90 minutes from visit to the end

Visit → Counseling (about 10 minutes)
→ Change clothes → Steamed YOMOGI (40 minutes)
→ Change clothes → Tea time

Please relax at tea time

[Type of wormwood]

I will use it according to the physical condition and worries of the day
All domestic pesticide-free products are used.

【Things to prepare】

Nothing in particular.
Bath towels are available.
Please come empty-handed.
Please come to the store without makeup.


"Electrolyzed hydrogen water" during YOMOGI steaming
I will prepare.

After steaming YOMOGI, enjoy "herbal tea"
I will prepare.

[Medical aroma can also be used]

If you have any concerns about counseling ...
I'm preparing a gel.
Please use it if you wish.

When steaming YOMOGI
・ Cellulite worries gel
Karadameguru warm gel
Shoulder loose gel
Because it's a girl's gel
Body immune system support gel

Post-finished skin care
Lavender water pack
Lavender cream
Ultimate beauty gel
Suncut UV series
Body refreshing water

If you have a favorite, you can create it. It was

[Infection control]

⚫︎ One by one,
Replace the seat, cloak, etc. to be used.
⚫︎ Before you come
Indoor ventilation, alcohol or
Perform disinfection work with miracle ion water.
⚫︎ We are cleaning the air with ozone.
⚫︎ The drinks to prepare are different for each customer.
I will prepare. The cup will be a paper cup.

Implementation location


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